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Role-playing Game



          This is the newest addition to the Evil E’zine as well as the flagship product of Lost Souls Publishing.  This is a fantasy game with bits of science fiction added in for good measure. 




Preface—Publishing information and credits

Character Generation—13 easy steps

          Attributes—How strong, how smart, how pretty, etc. 

          Naleth’s Guide to Sentients—Species and races

          Backgrounds—Experiences and history

          Traits—Other detailing information

          Classes—Who you are & what you do

          Skills—What you know

          Character Development—Miscellaneous character generation and advancement

Interaction—Contacts, influence, status, titles—how you interact socially

Equipment—Lots of goodies

          Weapon and Armour Features—Special traits of weapons and armour

Hunting & EscapingCombat:  the subtle art of breaking and killing things

World Information—Map, Calendar, and other knowledge

        Corwin O’Dale’s Guide to the Kingdom of Formour—Cultural, and monetary information

              Formourian MilitaryHow the branches of the military are organized

        Damian Wynter’s Guide to Gothic Culture—All about the Gothic people

        Slagg’s Guide to the Byzant Empire—Culture and the all-important money

Thorrin’s Brief Guide to HistoryOr "Everyone is a Bastard"

Magic—A discourse on the mystical

Faiths—Churches and Cults

F.A.Q.Frequently asked questions

Rumour MillThe word on the street

ClassifiedsRead the ads, or post your own

Lexicon—Definitions and pronunciations

Message Boards—Chat, post, whatever

Character Sheet—PDF file (yes, it is supposed to be sideways)

Search—look for a page, or for just a paragraph on the item-specific search