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Welcome, Midianites, to the City of Argent and The Way of The Blade Adventurer's Guild.

This is a simple little guild site & fan page for the Midian Dark Fantasy Role-playing Game. I'm quite open to feedback, so if you have any questions or ideas, just send them my way.

For information on The Way of The Blade Guild: Guild page

For what remains of the fallen City of Argent: Ruins of Argent

The Midian Dark Fantasy Role-playing Game rules mirror starts right here!!

Here's the on-line character sheets:

Online Character Sheets

The e-mail is just so that I can contact you. It won't be displayed on the "View" page. You don't have to put your e-mail on your character sheet if you don't want to.
Add in your own characters and ideas to share (brag about your own characters with the rest of the Midian Community).

(Read the license below.)

The City of Argent and the Way of the Blade Guild are both part of Midian's "Immersive Game World." This means that our campaign is affected by the game world at large, and contributes our stories to it. This lets us interact with Midianites in other campaigns from all around the globe. I love the idea that MY campaign is an "official" part of the game world. Since Argent and the Way of the Blade are now a type of Open Source Material for Midian, I'd really like to know about other people's campaigns that go there--we can even link our two games. I can provide additional details on request.

Think you have what it takes to defeat the denizens of the dark forests of Midian? Find out here "Nice to meat you, you must be lunch."

Here's the official Midian/Lost Souls main page: Midian/LSP
There are goodies for the game, & Lost Souls (kinda goth/vampire) stuff in general here.

Here's the Play-By-Post: Play-By-Post
We could definately use more people on the PBP games. Stop by for a look, post something, even just troll the boards if you feel you must.

The entire game can be downloaded here as zip file of the html pages Here.

Contact me:

Your Name:
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my e-mail address, if you refuse the form, is: Liam@lost-souls.every1.net

Immersive Game World License
By publicly displaying this symbol, you hearby acknowledge that the associated work is considered a portion of the collective Immersive Game World of Midian as recognized by the designers and creators of the Midian DFRPG and allow same to create derivative works based thereof; this in no way is intended or inferred to surrender the legal protections for copyright enjoyed by you according to the laws of your nation of residence and/or citizenship; LSP acknowledges that full rights are retained by the author, but may create derivative works without requiring further authorization, in compliance with the accords of this license, and agreed upon by the originators of said creative works with the issuance and public display of the Immersive Game World Service Mark Logo. The following portions are covered by this Service Mark:

City of Argent, description, organisation, & history of the city
Way of the Blade Guild, publicly published guild activities